The Ranking of Rankings of World Universities

UniRanks World University Ranking compiles the results of the five most influential university rankings: THE World University Ranking, QS World University Ranking, US News Best Global University, Shanghai ARWU Ranking, and Reuters World Top 100 Innovative Universities. UniRanks provides an easy overview of an institution performances across indicators and rankings, and is the reference University Ranking of Rankings.

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The first edition of UniRanks World University Ranking 2017

The United States snatches the first three spots with Stanford University in first, followed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Stanford was proved the most constantly well ranked university, figuring in the World's top 3 in all five rankings, whereas Harvard finds itself first in two rankings, the only university to do so. The rest of the top 10 is made of American and British universities: Cambridge and Oxford in fourth and fifth respectively, followed by Caltech, Princeton, UC Berkeley, Imperial College London, and the University of Chicago.

The countries most represented in the World top 100 are the United States (44 institutions), the United Kingdom (13), the Netherlands and Australia (7 each), Switzerland and China (4 each). Europe claims 37 universities in the top 100, including 12 in the top 50, while Asia counts 9 universities in the top 100, including 4 in the top 50.

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